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Honorably discharged in 1972 as a PROUD but Disabled Veteran from the war in Vietnam, I chose a career in sales. I gathered knowledge and experience in different sales positions.  After working for an Electronics Distributor, I joined a Sales Representative Firm and after 10 years, in the year 2000 I founded Oakwood Sales and incorporated in 2002.  This was a move I have not regretted. I chose Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Northern Illinois as my working area.  I established a good relationship with well-known Manufacturers.  The lines we represent are the most impressive and best known in the country. We have established a loyal customer base through Service and Quality and the great cooperation of the companies we represent aided by their strict adherence to set Quality Standards Such as ISO and RoHS. January 1, 2012 my wife Kathleen came into the business bringing additional experience in sales, marketing, and customer service.  Kathleen was named President of Oakwood Sales, Inc. We are both involved in helping the Homeless in Jefferson County, Wisconsin.  Kathleen is appointed to Jefferson County Historic Preservation Commission and serves as secretary.  John is on the Board of Directors for the Community Action Coalition of South Central Wisconsin.  Both serve on Jefferson County Continuum of Care committee.

​John & Kathleen Woodbury